This is an index of all Russian and Ukrainian recipes on this blog. I will be updating it as I go along.

Soups and stocks
Borsch - an absolute must.
Beef stock
Warming Soup with Meatballs (Soup s Frikadel'kami) - a delicious clear soup with unusual grains. 

Meat and poultry
Kotlety: Russian burgers - no Russian recipe blog is complete without these yummy things.
Simple Braised Beef - full of flavour and spice.


Fillets of herring - simple yet surprisingly delicious.

Salads and Sides
Summer Veg Salad - it is gorgeously fresh and juicy.
Traditional Beetroot and Prunes Salad - an unusual combination - amazing taste!

Puddings and bakes
From the ambitious ten layer 'Napoleon' torte to yummy pirozhki.
'Sour' Cake - a delicious pastry cake with plum preserve. Vegetarian.
Wholesome Honey Cake - very traditional with distinct taste of honey. Vegetarian.

Syrniki - yummy and easy to make cottage cheese pancakes.

Borsch - make it with veg stock and enjoy.
Summer Veg Salad - it's zingy and lovely.
Syrniki - a delicious breakfast
Traditional Beetroot and Prunes Salad - simple, unusual and yummy!

Pickles and salted food
We love our salty food! Dad promised to teach me babushka's way of salting stuffed aubergines! So so good! 

There is more to drinking than vodka! Kvas, kompot and uzvar are all coming up!
Proper Rosehip Tea - involves foraging, but worth all the effort

Fillets of Herring - sounds weird, but worth a try.
Kholodets - meat in aspic - an absolute festive favourite all around Eastern Europe and beyond the Ural mountains!

New Year's Dishes
There are some dishes without which new year simply wouldn't come! Olivier salad is one of them! 

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