Why Ukrainian/Russian Food?

It's seasonal, it's healthy (unless you go heavy on the salo - fat) and it's cheap. It's pretty crude cooking too, so anyone can make it. But most importantly it's delicious!

You are a bit stuffed, if you are a vegetarian. We don't cater for non-meat eaters much, unless it's Lent. And then - there is a whole world of Lent food available to you.

Let me convince you that going East of the river Rhine for your culinary kicks is worthwhile. Aren't you bored of  variations of the Mediterranean diet? Just be brave. We do eat some weird but yummy stuff.

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  1. Ukrainian cuisine is very much a part of the country’s culture, lifestyle and customs. This biggest country in Europe is well-known for its great diversity and rich authentic traditions; same applies to the traditional Ukrainian cuisine.