Friday, 8 March 2013

International Women's Day and a simple pasta dish

Happy International Women's Day! I bet most of you have never heard of it! Well, it's a day that most Commy-leaning (China, Cuba) or former Communist countries celebrate. It is meant to be all about women's rights, but it of more of a Velentine's Day and Mother's Day combined. I miss it loads here in London.

(Now I am being rather serious) For me it's not just about flowers and adoration of women, it's about us girls, our rights and place in this world. It's not that bad here in the UK, but think of our sisters in Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, where being a woman means being a second class citizen. So don't just write off today as yet another Commy thing and celebrate what we have and what is yet to be achieved! (Seriousness over)

Sadly, it's a complete non-event in the UK. However, after many years of being married to me, Tim knows that he cannot miss the 8th of March, so we are off to a restaurant. I am yet to get all the details of the venue, but I am told it's a famous fish restaurant in South London and I cannot wait! Nothing like some fish on Women's Day, especially after my not-so-successful attempts to cook fish at home.

Meanwhile I leave you with a super recipe - my dinner last night and lunch today.

Tortellini and pesto minestrone

Taken from the BBC Good Food website:

Quick and easy and very fresh. Just what the doctor's ordered.

Have a wonderful Women's Day, whether you celebrate or not! 

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