Saturday, 23 February 2013

For I have Sinned

Head hanging in shame. I had a sausage. Or two. Or three.

This is what hapenned. I was at a 2-year-old birthday party with all sorts of party food - sausages, bear crisps, bread sticks - the lot. Sasha was munching his way through party sausages and bread sticks. I was munching my way through bread sticks and party sausages, contemplating whether it was a wise idea to have a snack at 4.30pm, when Tim and I were going to dinner at his cousin's house, whose wife is cooking us a veggie Gujarati meal... STOP! WHAT AM I DOING?! I dropped that sausage half eaten. I am not supposed to eat meat!!

Boy or boy, this is how easy it is for a fake vegetarian like myself to switch to the old ways... I feel a bit 'dirty' - these challenges are tougher than they look.

Anyway, hopefully a hearty Gujarati feast is going to purify my flesh loving soul.

Mena and Connor, here we come! (And I am taking a camera!)

Watch this space.

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