Sunday, 17 February 2013

The first pang - slightly salmon-ed out

I had a great culinary weekend. It was Tim's birthday yesterday and we went to see his mum.
Which meat there was lots (LOTS!) of food to eat (and none to cook - super!)

There was a cake (carrot cake cupcakes):

And salmon baked with ginger and raisins, covered with pastry with a superb herby sauce and green peas.

We wolved it. And Tim and I had a conversation yesterday about how we didn't really miss meat yet.

But it's Sunday pm and I am having the same salmon for dinner (I had it for lunch too), as Catherine gave us the leftovers.

It's delicious, but I am feeling a bit salmoned out.

As I was eating it, the door bell rang and my Sainsbury's delivery arrived. I always get a bit excited when a delivery comes. I forget what I ordered, so it's like opening a present. (I know, a bit sad).

As I unwrapped the shopping bags I found... more salmon! Fresh and smoked. My oh my! I will definitely reach the recommended weekly levels of oily fish! And suddenly I felt I needed a slice of salami.

The first pang.

Salmon anyone?


  1. "Which *meat* there was lots (LOTS!) of food to eat"

    You've certainly got meat on the brain! lol.

  2. Hahaha, well spotted! At this rate I will be saying 'salmon' for everything!
    Good salmon everyone! :)