Friday, 15 February 2013

Where to eat veg in Wimbledon?

It's Tim's birthday tomorrow, so I am taking him for a secret adventure and then to a restaurant to celebrate before we are going to see him mum tomorrow.

Now, who would have thought that it would be so difficult to find a veggie restaurant in West London! If you look at the Square Meal website, all vegetarians seem to live in East London or there abouts. West Londoners have two great options in Hammersmith, including the original Gate restaurant, but otherwise it's caffs ans health food stores.

So opting for the tried and tested Stick n Sushi in Wimbledon town. It has decent veggie options (vegetarians, take note!), but as we eat fish (and thank goodness for that - otherwise I would be in trouble!) - we can have a feast!

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  1. Our veggie cousin, who also lives in Wimbledon came to the rescue:

    There is a great Thai across the road from Sticks and sushi, they do fab veggie and fish options its called Suk Saran. Also another sushi place further down from the polka theatre on the right called Makiyaki, conor and I love that place. La Nonna where we had our meal after the wedding has great veg and fish options too. Indian restaurants in Tooting have great veggie options - our favourite restaurant is called Mirch Masala. As a lifelong vegetarian I give up looking for vegetarian restaurants and look for places that do good options. If you guys can ever get down to Brighton it is heaven for veggies and has my best veggie restaurant is called Terre a Terre. Good luck!

    Thank you, Mena!