Monday, 25 February 2013

You like some drama and a fab sweetcorn recipe

Now it's time to thank you for your support in our quest to go meat free for Lent. The blog had nearly 800 pageviews since its birth nearly 2 weeks ago (and that is not counting my own - honest!)

No, no, I am not closing down the shop - just a bit of interim results. :)

The lion share of pageviews are originated in the UK and Ukraine with the US and Germany coming third. Now, I am impressed that so many Germans/people living in Germany are reading my blog. I think I know 3 people there, either they really LOVE it and keep clicking on it, or I somehow managed to capture attention of German food lovers. Thank you, guys!

I want to thank my US friends for checking the blog out and sharing it with their friends. I suspect it's your work, Bridgette, so thank you!

Many of you are surprised to see a meat lover like myself go meat free. And I am an East European too! One of my Romanian colleagues asked whether I was stripped of my Ukrainian citizenship for refusing meat. (Crina, do not worry, I didn't notify the Ukrainian embassy - sh-sh-sh!)

A lot of you asked whether I felt better after not eating meat. Whether I felt lighter or healthier. The truth of the matter is - I don't feel any different. But to be honest, I had a fairly good diet rich in veg before Lent. And if anything, I eat more sweet stuff. Which isn't that healthy.

Anyway, thanks a lot for your support and keep checking my posts - there is lots more to come!

Inspired by our Indian veggie feast last weekend, Tim made a wicked veggie dhal dish - I'll get him to tell me the recipe - he was 'using the Force',as the results are superb! So watch this space.

I was being lazy and knocked together a quick hot lunch today - a side dish my American mum Bernie used to cook when I lived with them in Louisiana in 1994-95.

Creamed corn

Heat about 50-75g of butter in a pan. Add 1 medium diced onion and saute till soft. Add 385g of drained sweetcorn from a 425g tin, a generous amount of salt and black pepper. Cook for 5-10min.

I eat it as is with bread. It's fantastic with mash potato. Or as a side dish.

Tim was suspicious at first, he is now a fan too. 

And just before I go, here are the posts you liked the most (so far):

The clear winner is our Valentine's Day disaster (everyone likes a bit of drama).
Closely followed by my Russian winter salad
With pancakes and Gujarati feast in the third place.

Oh yes, and my shameful thoughtless sausage consumption is up there in top 5 too!  See ya'll!

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