Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Last day of eating meat

Hello everyone and happy Pancakes Day! I am Marina and I am about to go meat free for the next 40 days. My husband and I decided to give up meat for Lent. 

Not that we are religious, or that we have ambitions of becoming vegetarian (we don't, as we LOVE meat), but we wanted a culinary challenge. Because Tim says we don't eat enough veg. I'd say he should speak for himself. He and our younger son Sasha do not eat enough veg. Our older son Lyova and I eat plenty. 

But we did become complacent - we do rely on meat to provide us with easy/interesting/exciting/filling/family meals. And we definitely do not eat enough fish and would do with eating more veg. 

So, this is the task: 

40 days of Lent
No meat for my hubby and I
We will still continue feeding meat to our sons
We are not doing it hard core way - we are not going 100% vegetarian, we will eat fish, we won't worry about having meat stock in our soup, gelatin in our puddings or suet in the pastry. 
We just won't eat meat.
Especially horse meat. 

So, 40 days with no meat - what the hell will we eat? 

I will try to keep you posted on that. Every day. or almost every day. With photos. And recipes. And please comment, and share your recipes with me! 
All meat -free, naturally! 


  1. Ok, this comment came via Facebook (honest!) my American sister supplied these recipes.
    Here are some of my favorites:
    kids love this one, we serve over rice:
    Isaac loves this one, it's more of a comfort food:
    I love to add brocolli to this one (kids don't like it but I love it!)
    Will study them today.

  2. For a SERIOUSLY quick dinner fix - pick these things up from Waitrose in advance: bag of sweet potatoes, 1-2 pouches of Merchant Gourmet Puy Lentils with sundried tomato and basil (to save you doing the flavouring!), grated cheddar cheese, bag of rocket and spinach salad.

    Throw the sweet potatoes in to roast - they usually need about 25-35 mins.

    While they're getting done, heat up the puy lentil pouches. If you want you can throw in a fresh tomato or two, or red peppers to just add up the veggie count. If you don't like the lentils too dry you can add a small can of chopped tomatoes to make them more like a thick stew.

    Then prepare the rocket salad - you can keep it simple with olive oil-balsamic, sea salt and pumpkin seeds or jazz it up a bit if you have more time.

    You should be well done with this before the sweet potatoes so you'll still have 15 mins spare to deal with cats, kids or calls!

    And then serve like jacket potatoes split in the middle, spoon on the lentils and cheese with salad on the side!

    Hope you enjoy it! xxx